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PMC Transmission parts

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Tilton 64185-8-VV-57 7.25"...


Nissan CD001

Nissan 350Z type CD005 32010CD005

Nissan 350Z type CD006 32010CD006

Nissan 350Z type CD007 32010CD007

Nissan 350Z type CD008 32010CD008

Nissan 350Z type CD009 32010CD009

Nissan 370Z 320B0-1EA0A JK40C


2 piece


Price €364.08

PMC Motorsport Aluminum...

PMC Motorsport Aluminum differential cover for BMW E30 with dual mounting Type 188

The cover contains:

  • port for the speed sensor
  • vent
  • poly-bushes

The cover contains elements that should be symmetrically welded to the BMW E30 chassis

Price €247.04